MariaDB4j provides mariadb 10.2.11 out of the box. This release of the database is from 2017. Spring boot 2.7.x with Hibernate has more advanced SQL than is supported in 10.2.11.

I opened a PR against the original project here:

  • MariaDB changed their download urls since the 10.3 commit to [MariaDB4j repo].
  • MariaDB 10.4 removed no password root user.
  • MariaDB 10.5.2 onward swapped how they did sym links between mysql* and maria* equivalents.

Unfortunately, the main branch has already progressed to spring boot 3 / Java 17 and no maintainence branches will be made. To that end, I have created an effective 2.7.x release branch to support Java 11 / Spring Boot 2.7.x / Spring 5 for the wide swath of existing software that has not or cannot jump to Java 17 / Spring Boot 3.

This is a mostly hard fork of MariaDB4j to account for disconnects between Java 11/17 and Spring 5/6.
The last binary update that shipped with MariaDB4j out of the box was 10.2.11, released in 2017.

Using Spring 5/equivalent JPA there are SQL syntax problems that make version 2.6.0 unusable for modern development.
The only current way to get this to work is to use installed binaries on the host system.
This fork aims to create and maintain a 2.7.x release series to account for the above aforementioned issues.

Linux support is tested. Windows support is simulated. OSX support is not provided.
Best effort will be made to maintain upstream updates as applicable.

Compatability Chart

MariaDB4j Spring MariaDB
3.0.0 6 10.2.11 / Installed version
2.6.0 5 10.2.11 / Installed version
2.7.x 5 10.6.12+
Release v2.7.0 · TheKnowles/MariaDB4j
2.7.0 This is the initial release in the 2.7.x maintenance branch. It aims to serve a stopgap for Java 11 projects that need a more modern version of mariadb while using the embedded functionality...